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“How to Market Yourself as a DJ” – Blog

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"How to Market Yourself as a DJ"
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“How to Market Yourself as a DJ”

You’ve been grinding trying to master your craft. You’ve personally secured enough music or you’ve found a website where you can download music for free (such as djmusiccrate.com). Now, it’s time to market and promote yourself to the public. In today’s DJ world, it’s all about lifestyle and the personal connection in anything you’re doing or creating, so remember to pay attention to your audience when marketing yourself.

There are a few aspects within marketing that you want to figure out before you start promoting which include:  DJ name, logo, & how to use social media. Let me explain…

When starting your DJ journey, you must first choose a name.  Be sure to pick a name with flavor & personal style, something catchy that will stand out. Be sure you Google the name you choose to make sure you and another DJ don’t have the same name.

Next, you need a logo to brand yourself. Please hire a professional graphic designer to create your logo. This will be used for everything you are a part of…flyers, ads, mixtapes, merchandise, or anything you decide to create; the best designs will elicit the best image for you and your brand. You can even seek advice from your friends or others you are close with to help you decide on the best logo, but remember, it needs to represent you!

Photos of yourself will also help with the promotion of your brand. This part is all about how you want to present yourself in the music industry. Make sure your music selection matches your photos.

Now, it’s time to create promo material. When creating promo material, be sure the logo and colors are consistent. Doing this helps with branding (appears more professional) and familiarizes your fan base with your brand. Stay consistent with your promo material.

Social media is a very easy and awesome tool to use to promote yourself as a DJ. Consider using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Snapchat. All these platforms work in different ways. Try to inspire and engage through your social media handles. Post as often as 3 to 6 times daily throughout all your social media platforms. Find ways to stand out!

And finally, always network! Be sure to keep business cards handy to give to new contacts, be professional and sincere. Being liked will get you in the door and keep you there. Always ask yourself “How can I advertise myself wherever I go?” Good luck DJs! I hope this informative article helps you out. Thanks again for the support!

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