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What The Hell is Djmusiccrate.com?

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What the Hell is Djmusiccrate.com?
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What The Hell is Djmusiccrate?

I know u guys maybe wondering “What The Hell is Djmusiccrate.com?” Djmusiccrate.com is a digital media outlet that make the “DJ” life a little more easier. The way we make the “DJ” life a little easier is provide the hottest records from the Old to New, Major Artists to Indy Artists, Instrumentals, Acapellas, Sound Effects, and Crates!

We are also Streaming artists links!!!!! You say “so u guys are streaming, how do I get paid from u guys” you DON’T. If the artists record is already on all the major streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and etc. we grab ur link and place it on our website. So that whoever visit djmusiccrate.com and wanna check out the record that’s a “DJ” or just a regular person who stumbles across djmusiccrate.com they will stream your link so the artists will still get those streaming dollars.

We are also here to introduce upcoming artists that wants to tap into the dj community to expand their reach directly to DJ’s all over the globe who are using djmusiccrate.com!

This simple and easy way for DJ’s to stay up-to-date with the hottest records out is our main focus! DJ’s Sign Up and Enjoy

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