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The Evolution Of The DJ

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The Evolution Of The DJ
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The Evolution of the DJ!

In this article, I will discuss how the evolution of the DJ has made the DJ more important in the music industry and why their pay grade is much higher than in previous years.

Let’s start off with ‘What is a DJ?’ A DJ (Disc Jockey) was once viewed as a person who mainly introduced and played popular, recorded music on the radio, at clubs, house parties, and other social events.  But now, the role(s) of a DJ is much more.  DJs are doing their own tours, releasing original music, being A&Rs, music producers, club promoters, etc.

The tour DJ is an exciting job! There are 2 types of tour DJs; one tours with an artist, and the other is an artist.  DJs that travel with artists travel the world playing artists’ records and also hype the artists’ performances to help make the shows better. The DJ that’s an artist, is usually a producer, who plays original music that they have created; this type of music is usually Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Then, there’s the DJ that is the most important to record labels. These DJs usually collaborate with other artists, release their own singles, and serve as A&Rs (for ex. DJ Khaled). An  A&R developer, or  Artist & Repertoire developer, is the member of a record label or music publishing company who is responsible for talent scouting & overseeing the artistic development of recording artists & songwriters.

And last but not least, the club / promoter DJ. This DJ is extremely important for the nightlife. We’ve all gone to a club that was packed to capacity, but the DJ’s song selection had the party very stale. And, We’ve also been to a club that was not even close to capacity, but witnessed the crowd having the time of their lives! The reason for this is because the DJ took the audience on a musical journey that had the crowd partying for hours! For this reason, the DJ  figuratively “transforms” into a club promoter. When people go to the club, they want to enjoy themselves.  And if they know the DJ is great at making this happen, club-goers will come in abundance, which will then raise sales and level of publicity for the club.

You now see that the roles of the DJ are important and ever-changing in the music industry.  So I’ll leave you with these words: “Always respect the DJ!”

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